Interview with Alyssa Monks

Alyssa Monks, courtesy of Stephen Churchill Downes

Alyssa Monks is living and working in Brooklyn, NY, she is a figurative painter, blurring the line between abstraction and realism. After years of painting figures behind steam covered glass and water, she is going Outside to paint something different.

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How did start Your artistic journey?
I started painting with oils at about 8 years old, maybe younger, I don’t remember. I have a memory of taking an oil painting class while I was kindergarten, too. But by the time i was about 14 I was pretty sure this was my path. I can’t say I had it all thought out, and most adults were trying to steer me into a more practical, life-sustaining career. But I was already forming much of my identity and devoting my time and focus on painting. By 17 I was totally committed and fighting for it. When it came to figuring out money, i thought I’d be an assistant or waitress for my income, so long as I could paint. That was the plan.


Alyssa Monks, courtesy of Jesse Brass