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Krzysztof Schodowski

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Krzysztof Schodowski was born in 1983. Comes from Olsztynek, now lives in Warsaw. Krzysztof is involved mainly in drawing. In art, he is most interested in man’s internal processes – the ones that are talked about as well as those which are not disclosed. Co-founder of the artistic group Artpub, leading Artpub Galeria, Artpub Literatura and Artpub Album.

Krzysztof Schodowski’s line technique gives a very special look to all the faces perpetuated on his portraits: their skins seem to be ripped off, and what can only be noticed are the muscles and nerves. In that way the exteriority may have been neglected and as it is shown on the anatomy boards for med students, the interiority becomes apparent. Nevertheless it’s still far and away from the very scheme of medicine drafts. Schodowski has never decided to comment the physicality, but to focus on the mental experience. On all his pictures a far more than anywhere the figures express the resignation, depression and alienation. They happen to be – not exactly set free from the reality, but simply removed. Who should be blamed for that act? What is the reason? What part of that feeling was built by intimate artist’s experience and what part by the personal, sensitive observation of the surrounding world, by the strict focus on what has been rejected by the majority of artists?
/Tadeusz Olszewski/


– individual exhibition, Szuwary Café, Kraków.
– individual exhibition, Piwnica pod Baranami, Kraków.
– collective exhibition “Duży Format”, Warsaw.
– individual exhibition, Gall Anonim’s Liberarty, Głogów.
– individual exhibition in “St. Praga”, Warsaw, Poland.
– “Counterpoints” – exhibition (along with Andrzej Olczyk), CKiS, Kalisz, Poland.
– individual exhibition at “Artistic collision”, Kraków, Poland.
– collective exhibition “Multi Art Form”, Charleville, Ireland.
– individual exhibition in “Dillon’s Florist” – Charleville, Ireland.
– the soirée of  “AltissimumAbiectum” in Adam Mickiewicz Muzeum of Literature in Warsaw.
– the poetry and art vernissage in “Artpub Kultura/Artpub Gallery” in “Girasole” in Poznan, Poland
– the soirée of  “AltissimumAbiectum” and individual exhibition in “Ostroleka” Gallery, Poland.
– the soirée of  “AltissimumAbiectum” – the premiere of the book co-written with Karol Samsel in “Trystero” Gallery in Szczecin, Poland.
– the exhibition of Artpub group in “Centrala Artystyczna” in Koszalin, Poland
– the all-Poland exhibition of “Artpub” painting, drawing and graphics in XIX Club in Lodz, Poland
– the exhibition in “Autograf” Gallery in Warsaw, Poland (along with Dominika Dobrowolska and Andrzej Olczyk)
– the all-Poland exhibition of “Artpub” painting, drawing and graphics in  “Alternatywa Cafe”, Warsaw, Poland
– the all-Poland exhibition of “Artpub” painting, drawing and graphics in “ZPAP” Gallery in Olsztyn, Poland
– “Looks” exhibition (along with Dominika Dobrowolska and Pawel Lyjak) in  “Alternatywa Cafe”, Warsaw, Poland
– the all-Poland exhibition of “Artpub Preludium” painting, drawing and graphics in “Alternatywa Cafe” in Warsaw, Poland


Krzysztof Schodowski warstwy

Krzysztof Schodowski A moze spokoj  nie jest wcale tym co warto mieć za długo

Krzysztof Schodowski  bez tytulu

Krzysztof Schodowski  bez tytułu

Krzysztof Schodowski dialogi

Krzysztof Schodowski ecce homo

Krzysztof Schodowski konwersacje po polnocy

Krzysztof Schodowski list

Krzysztof Schodowski  melancholie

Krzysztof Schodowski milczenie o potędze fali na wodzie

Krzysztof Schodowski mysl

Krzysztof Schodowski odejscie

Krzysztof Schodowski portret Jacka Dudka

Krzysztof Schodowski próżnia

Krzysztof Schodowski przebudzenie

Krzysztof Schodowski rękawiczka

Krzysztof Schodowski  rozżebranie

Krzysztof Schodowski sianokosy

Krzysztof Schodowski wokol coraz wiecej ciszy

Krzysztof Schodowski zmiany

Krzysztof Schodowski bez tytulu

Krzysztof Schodowski bez tytulu

Krzysztof Schodowski kokon

Krzysztof Schodowski monolog

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