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Dawid Furkot

Is it possible to combine baroque with constructivism? Lines, sharp bends, rhythm, focus and sleepiness are interwoven in the work of the Łódź Film School graduate Dawid Furkot. His latest project “Plasters and cigarette butts” is thrown on blog photos in small groups, most often diptychs and triptychs. Connected by a small story, they talk about the city, about people and what’s in between. Moving through trodden path of everyday images, he extracts from what’s popular, seen a thousand times, the magic of the world around us. There are pictures that are funny, surprising, sometimes they are just sad decaying tissue views of the city.

Furkot fotografia

Furkot fotografia



One of the most magical shots are those of interpenetrating planes. It’s as if we suddenly became Alice in the Wonderland and looked in the mirror. Is it what I look at, really real or longer so?



The artist is also playing with us with our associations. For example, a couple of photos from the July 25, 2014, where we have a photo of the girls communion and the painted on the wall sign “hell’s”. Both, it seemed to be popular images of urban space colliding with each other take on a new character. Photography interpenetrating treetops, blue sky and the three girls in white dresses evokes the memory of the innocent angels. While the inscription Hell’s speaks for itself.






Written by Olivia Jary

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