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Arkadiusz Wesołowski

ARKADIUSZ  WESOŁOWSKI is a member of the Association of Polish Artists as well as Designers Professional Association of European Visual Designers / Belgium /. He practices the art of oil painting and sculpture. An animator and creator of cross-border events in the Pomerania region in the field of culture and national heritage. He is an author of numerous solo exhibitions at home and abroad. Winner of first place at the artist Biennale in Bourges / France / and many sculpture competitions in the country.

He is the creator of the statuette for the European Veterans Athletic Association / Switzerland / as well as the draft of the medal for the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. The creator of the medal for the city of Koszalin for the occasion of giving to that city a European flag.

Author of the statuette for Baltic Media and Arts Festival – Amber Microphone Radio Koszalin / from the third edition of the contest and Amber Wave statuette handed to Mrs. Edyta Górniak by the President of Koszalin, Mr. Piotr Jedliński during the IN WAVE festival organized by Radio ZET and TVP 2.

He cooperates with many European galleries. His works can be seen in private collections throughout the world.

Major exhibitions

– Collective exhibition of paintings ZPAP – Artists for 750 years the city of Koszalin /PL/
– Collective exhibition of paintings –100 years of ZPAP – Gallery BWA – Kołobrzeg /PL/
– Exhibition of sculptures – popularization of the works of Joachim Utech – Białogard /PL/
– Solo painting exhibition – Art  Shaker Gallery – Saint Tropez – /FR/
– Collective exhibition of paintings – The Fusion Gallery Altea – /ES/
– Collective exhibition of paintings – Modern Artist Gallery – London/UK/
– Collective exhibition of paintings – The Chambers Gallery  – London/UK/
– Solo painting exhibition – Rhapsody House Gallery – Kent /UK/
– Solo painting exhibition – New Realms Gallery – London/UK/
– Solo painting exhibition – Hick Gallery – London/UK/
– Group exhibition of landscape paintings Osieki – Koszalin Museum /PL/
– Solo painting exhibition – Theta – Warsaw /PL/
– Solo painting exhibition – Saint Doulchard – /FR/
– Solo painting exhibition – Bourges – /FR/
– Solo painting exhibition– Asnieres les Bourges – /FR/
– Individual Painting Exhibition – Gallery Steward (Klucznik) in Gdańsk /PL/
– Individual Painting Exhibition – Gallery ŻAK in Gdańsk for the celebrations of 1000 of the City of Gdańsk /PL/



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