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Anna Anuszewska

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Capable young painter, with an amazing ability to create portrait. Sometimes outlines only the face, and that’s enough to have the right impression. Born in 1987 in Warsaw. She lives and works there.

A member of an interdisciplinary group of artists “Young At Art” of Warsaw District Association of Polish Artists (Fine Arts). She has done a solo exhibition and many group exhibitions at home and abroad. Is engaged in oil painting and graphic arts (etched art).

Individual exhibitions

– The graphics exhibition “Pliers” (Kombinerki) in the Grinder (Młynek) gallery at the House of Culture Działdowska, Warsaw.

Group exhibitions

– post competition exhibition of works at the Ludwik Zamenhof Center in Białystok, in the second stage of the National Painting Competition of Green Carrot Foundation;
– International exhibition “ALLEGORY: beyond cultural representations and platitudes” Vargas Gallery, Florida, USA.
– exhibition “Storm” (Burza) in the context of second edition of the Warsaw art festival Young At Art, Artist’s House, Warsaw, Poland.
– exhibition “Garden. Space. Senses “in the context of the Open Gardens Festival in an art gallery Eye Horseshoe (Oko Podkowy), Podkowa Leśna, Poland.
– group exhibition “Counterpoint” (Kontrapunkt) in the gallery of the Elector (Elektor) of Mazovia Centre of Culture and Art, Warsaw, Poland.
– group exhibition “The color blue” in “Art Alley” (Zaułek Sztuki), Warsaw, Poland;
2011 – 2012
– exhibition “Graduates and guests” (Absolwenci i goście) in the Cultural Center in Supraśl;
– group exhibition “This is not art” (To nie jest sztuka) in “Zoya” gallery in Warsaw.


Anna Anuszewska, Przy Oknie III, olej + kredka na pąĘtnie, 46 x 61 cm

2 AHAnuszewska, Koronczarka, olej i pastel na pąycie, 65 x 55 cm

3 AHAnuszewska, Mina, olej na pąĘtnie, 73 x 60 cm

4 AHAnuszewska, Portret Anki, olej na pąycie, 24,4 x 19 cm

5 AHAnuszewska,Trzy z cyklu Madonny, olej na pąĘtnie, 120 x 90 cm

6 AHAnuszewska, Jeden z cyklu Madonny, olej na pąĘtnie, 120 x 90 cm

7 AHAnuszewska, Dwa z cyklu Madonny, olej na pąĘtnie, 120 x 90 cm

8 AHAnuszewska, Trzy Czasy, akwaforta, 12,6 x 9,2 cm

9 AHAnuszewska, Serce Europy, akwaforta, 12,6 x 8,6 cm

10 AHAnuszewska, Male wspomnienie, akwaforta, 12,6 x 9,2 cm

11 AHAnuszewska, Wspomnienie Polski (Koper), akwaforta, 12,6 x 9,2 cm

12 AHAnuszewska, Wspomnienie Suprasla, akwaforta, 12,6 x 10,2 cm

13 AHAnuszewska, Rex rerum, akwaforta, 12,6 x 10,2 cm

14 AHAnuszewska, Lekcja, akwaforta i akwatinta, 21 x 16,5 cm

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