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Who was Nusch, Picasso’s, Miro’s or maybe Magritte’s muse?

Dora Maar Nusch Eluard

Dora Maar Nusch Eluard | 1936

Nusch Éluard, born in 1906 as Maria Benz, was second wife of Paul Éluard (poet) and the muse of the entire art community. Picasso, Joan Miro or René Magritte eagerly painted her. What is more, she was being photographed by Dora Maar or Lee Miller. As she had some kind of ethereal, fragile beauty, Man Ray also took many splendid photos of her. Only a few people know about her collages, created between 1934 and 1936. Nusch, who inspired a great number of artists, didn’t restrict herself to being admired only because of her appearance. According to Timothy Baum, one of the writers of a book called ‘Nusch, portrait of a surrealist muse’, her collages were amazing. They were shown to the public in 1978.

Nusch died from massive stroke at the age of 40.

Nusch Éluard collage

Nusch Éluard Collage

Translated by: Weronika Kursa