About foundation

Artophilia is a project of Niezła Sztuka Art Foundation. This project began innocently on Facebook, in a short time, however, our profile began to grow, and the fans were coming every day. The most that surprised us was the fact that all in Polish Profile was watched by people from different countries. So it appears that the language of art is indeed universal language. More and more fascinated by the positive feedback we decided to create a portal for art in order to realize our new ideas.

Thus the page www.artophilia.com was born. It is a platform linking two worlds – on the one hand, artists who are here to show their portfolio or talk about their art, on the other hand – sensitive customers or recipients who want to know more about the art. Between these two worlds are the enthusiasts who love art and are able to talk about it in a simple and accessible way. Storytelling, but substantively.

It started by two friends Joanna Majewska and Dana Tomczyk-Dołgij, soon appeared people with humanistic talent who write for us.


One thing that unites them all is love for art and their ability to share their knowledge in an inspiring way. Our articles are written in plain language to inspire the reader, because art is for everyone.

Partners appeared to support us in our projects. Hosting is provided to us by Ogicom, translating to English is done by Dogadamycie.pl positioning us in the search engines is done by Seo stylem.

But most of all regular readers appeared. Each of our posts on Facebook reaches several thousand people, and the site is visited by hundreds of people every day. This is what gives us wings and motivation for daily activities.

The scale of ideas and projects that we plan doing requires the involvement of more people and resources, so it was time take the form of a foundation that will be a reliable partner for sponsors who want to support such an important and dynamic growing project.