Finale d’Agugliaro – a Renaissance Villa and grange in a valley among fertile fields

In a valley, between two mountain ranges named Colli Berici and Colli Euganei, nearby the road connecting Vicenza, Montagnana and Este there is a rural commune Agugliaro, with a separate part at its western margins – a former noble estate named Finale. A late Renaissance villa, founded by the noble family Saraceno, and afterwards inherited by the family Caldogno shall draw our attention1. The building is surrounded by cultivated land, fallows and groves, thus it associates perfectly with the landscape, enriched by numerous river channels and water courses.

Finale d’Agugliaro, Villa Saraceno, architecture,

Finale d’Agugliaro (prov. Vicenza), Villa Saraceno and surrounding landscape, view from the south, photo Bartłomiej Bartelmus


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