Vincent van Gogh “Starry Night”

Vincent van Gogh Starry Night, 1889
Oil, canvas, 73,7 × 92,1 cm, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night, Artophilia

Vincent van Gogh Starry Night | 1889, Museum of Modern Art, New York

For centuries artists have been seeking inspiration for their work in mother nature. Their imagination moved by vast meadows, fields, forests, dusk and dawns of the sun. But few have ever set out into the night’s sky. Benign infinity which overwhelms through its immensity, however oddly soothing. After all, it takes a maniac to capture so distinctly the darkness of a night. The one found in Vincent van Gogh. Starry Night is a notorious piece by this underappreciated genius. A genius who have only decided to become an artist not until his 27th birthday. By mere 10 years of creating has he truly changed the history of art.